Release notes

Check out the newest features and enhancements we've just released.

Release date: June 22, 2022 


  • Added support for publishing documents in PDF, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • SharePoint plug-in rewrite.
  • Added revision control for files added to Storage.
  • Enhanced user registrations from CMS.


  • New search engine released. It is tailored for searching documents and improves the search result lists.
  • Implemented thumbnails view of documents.
  • Added SVG support for images.


Release date: March 29, 2022 


  • Analytics tool released. It captures the end-users' behaviour, providing valuable insights crucial for data-driven decision making. The data is presented in an easy to use dashboard.
  • Readin Link Checker periodically crawls through all of the documents, generating a report of any broken links. This check is also performed during document conversion, allowing for immediate action before publishing the document.
  • Added revision control system for documents based on revision cycles and dates.
  • Enhanced access control.
  • Added an integrated storage system, for uploading and storing attachments internally.
  • Added blog feature for articles and news.
  • Added feature for controlling columns in the document overview.


  • Revision browsing released. Enabling the end-users to browse through older revisions.
  • Added notifications tab in my page.
  • Enhanced e-mail notifications.


Release date: January 8, 2022 


  • Enhanced the metadata features
  • Added search in Document Organizer
  • Small bugfixes


  • Document properties added to side bar
  • Added comments feature on annotations
  • Added notifications on the reader home page
  • Swipe for closing the table of contents on mobile
  • Image optimalization using WebP
  • Live search in document view
  • Added possibility to delete personals, annotations, bookmarks, subscriptions
  • Small bugfixes


Release date: November 9, 2021 


  • Added system for roles and access rights for documents based on metadata
  • Added front page tabs for Recent documents, Last revisions, Annotations, Bookmarks and About us
  • Live document notifications
  • Small bugfixes


  • Added account page and settings for user
  • Mobile view enhancements
  • Added document properties tab


Release date: October 14, 2021 


  • Added ability to create and structure custom metadata for each document. Metadata will improve the users ability to search and filter documents.
  • Added multi language support for all metadata.
  • Added ability to hide / unpublish a document without deleting it.
  • Ability to overwrite an existing version of a document.
  • Restructured document settings for easier navigation and document handling.
  • Restructured document organiser for better usability.


  • Added multi language support. Currently available system languages are Norwegian and English.
  • Increased stability.


Release date: September 17, 2021 

  • Users can now go to recent read documents. The system keeps track of your latest reads.
  • The start page gives the reader quick access to Recent documents, Bookmarks, Annotations, Subscriptions as well as the document library.
  • The document library support folders in folder for better organizing your documents.
  • From the Readin CMS you are able to reuse documents in different folders.
  • The document view in Readin CMS now show you aggregated reads of each document.
  • The Readin system now supports SSO (single sign on).

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