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Convert Word and XML documents into professional web pages with Readin publishing platform – for easy access and effortless readability

Use Readin for document publishing

Transform your Word and XML documents into professional web documents with Readin. Whether your audience are using tablets, smartphones or laptops, Readin automatically adapts its interface to display your content at its best, for access anywhere, on any device.

Create a smart knowledge hub for all your documents today.


How it works


Upload your documents from Word or XML


Configure your documents into book collections


Publish and view your documents on the web

Readin for big and small companies

Companies of all sizes are using Readin to publish critical documents. Join the likes of Elvia, ConocoPhillips, Fagbokforlaget, CYBR and use Readin to publish the information your audiences need.

Types of documentation

Readin takes care of all types of documents, including reports, user guides, and manuals, in Word and XML format. It’s perfect for those long and complex documents containing tables, illustrations and formulas. It’s also perfect for content that you might want to structure as a book. Publish your company’s most important documents with Readin.

  • Technical documentation
  • Manuals and instructions
  • User guides
  • Reports
  • Books and journals
  • Legal documentation

Sharepoint integration

Are you a SharePoint user?

Readin’s SharePoint integration lets you publish your documents to the web with a single click.

Why publish in HTML instead of PDF?

Many companies use Word to create some of their most critical documentation, and then publish these files online as PDFs – but did you know that PDFs are hard to find, use and update? For that reason, we’re not huge fans of PDFs.

Compared to HTML content, PDFs are often inaccessible and hard to read, which can alienate your audiences. Here are some good reasons why you should publish your Word documents to the web in HTML format, with the help of Readin:

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