Operational documentation

With document intelligence and tailormade dashboard reports specifically designed for quality managers, Readin provides a whole new level of operational awareness to improve business operations.

Create instant value for your readers with a modern publishing portal. Make your technical documentation and reports stand out so readers engage with it on all devices. Make your procedures and instructions easy to read, accessible and on-brand. Make your health and safety and quality documentation fit your readers’ needs, showing them the right information at the right time. Leave the 100-page PDF manual behind to deliver relevant and easy to access content.

It has to work on a smartphone

Have you ever tried reading a PDF document on a smartphone? Then you’ll know that PDFs do not change size to fit the device you’re viewing them on. They generally require a lot of zooming in and out, and scrolling both vertically and horizontally. A PDF on a smartphone is not a good idea. True mobility means reliable document solutions that are accessible and readable on a reader’s preferred device. Let Readin optimize your content for all devices, even smartphones.

Search and find content easily

When looking for that specific instruction, that unique reference or that one product part, you need quality search capabilities for fast and accurate searching. This is even more important when you’re out in the field, and need the search to work on a smartphone the same as it would on a desktop computer. Ranked lists of search results with a snippet of the content helps readers to quickly navigate to the content they’re looking for. The search words or phrases are highlighted in the document for improved visibility and speedy navigation.

Notify your readers of any changes

It is essential that your readers have access the most recent version of your documents. Let’s pretend an employee is working in the field and requires an up-to-date safety manual – so many unwanted incidents can be traced back to outdated or unavailable documentation. With Readin’s notifications feature, readers can easily be informed of any changes made to your documents. Readers can even subscribe to updates on specific documents of their choice, so they find out when a change is made that is relevant to them.. Readin ensures your documents are accessible from only one place – the document portal – avoiding confusion caused by too many versions.

Improve quality with metrics and analytics

Understand how your content is being used. With tracked metrics ,you can start to analyze your documentation and ensure it’s as useful as can be for your readers. Find out which documents are read the most, which are not read at all, and who is and isn’t reading those documents. This data will help you to increase the quality of your documentation.

Publish Word and XML documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices

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