SharePoint integration

Aug 19, 2021

Readin’s SharePoint integration lets you publish your documents to the web with a single click. With Readin’s SharePoint plug-in, publishing your Word documents to the web is straightforward.

A lot of companies use SharePoint as their document management tool. It is easy to use and it is a part of the Microsoft family. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an easy solution for publishing Word documents to the web from SharePoint… until now. Now you can access and view your most important documents from a web browser.

Do you struggle to read documents on your mobile? Use Readin’s plug-in to make your documents responsive and readable on all devices, like smartphones, notepads and desktops.

How it works

Create your document in Word and use SharePoint for archiving. When your document is ready to publish, Readin’s SharePoint integration grabs your Word documents and converts it into a web format (HTML) in just one click. Your documents are placed in your preferred book structure on your website.


  • Readin’s SharePoint integration ensures that your readers have the latest and only version of your document – meaning no local versions of your document stored on your reader’s devices.
  • Readin’s web publishing stylesheet ensures consistency, by giving all your documents the same design, look and feel.
  • Reduce your costs with fast document publishing in just one click. Reduce the risk of failed publications.

Publish Word and XML documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices

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