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Smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops are all devices on which users should be able to access and read reports and user guides. With Readin publishing portal, you can ensure a great user experience across all devices. 

Reports and user guides have traditionally been published as PDFs, often requiring readers to print out as paper for ease of use. Well, that’s history now. Unlike PDFs, reports published on the web are designed to be consumed online. Given that the majority of our time is spent on smartphones, publishing our reports and user guides on the web is the only way to make sure your readers get the highest readability and most responsive experience. PDFs on the other handmake consuming content on modern devices difficult, leading to poor user experience.

Create a reader-friendly experience on all devices

Have you ever tried reading a PDF report or user guide on a smartphone? You end up scrolling and zooming endlessly, often missing out on content and an easy reading experience. PDFs simply aren’t mobile-friendly. Readin is responsive and provides maximum readability on all devices, including smartphones. Allow your reports or user guides to be readable everywhere.

Make your reports and manuals stand out

Make your reports and manuals stand out with consistent branding. It’s simple. Your authors create their content as usual in Microsoft Word. Then the Readin document portal will give your documents a uniform and professional look. This means consistency across all design aspects including fonts, headings, logos and table formatting. And the design is optimized for all devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Take digital notes, make bookmarks, and make your content interactive

When reading a report with lots of information, readers like to make annotations and bookmark important pages. Whilst you can do this in a PDF, readers are limited to accessing their annotations and bookmarks on only one device at a time. That’s where Readin helps. Access your annotations and bookmarks across multiple devices, simultaneously – perfect for when you want to annotate a document on your work computer and pick up where you left off on your smartphone on your way home.

Organize reports in a document portal - the report library

Do you have a long list of reports as part of a series? How are they organized? From the Readin document portal you can organize and structure you documents in a library, in whatever way makes most sense to you. With Readin’s search and filtering features, you can easily drill down to the one document you’re looking for, and then find specific information within. Navigating in reports is easy and intuitive on all devices, including smartphones.

Publish Word and XML documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices

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