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Say goodbye to static and out-of-date-documents. Readin is a state-of-the-art content publishing platform that improves readability, findability and quality for your audiences. Make your documentation an important asset for your organization.

Publish your Word and XML documents to the web with Readin (directly or through SharePoint integration), so your audiences can read your documents anywhere, anytime – on all devices. Readin optimizes your documents for readability.

Readin engages your readers with features that allow them to interact with your content, provide feedback, and collaborate with other readers. Readin notifies your readers of changes you make to your documents, so they never have to miss important updates again.

Readin is designed to improve findability. Looking for a key word or phrase? Search documents quickly and easily and see a ranked list of search results with a snippet of the content. Find your search word or phrase highlighted in the document.

Advanced analytics for how your documents are performing. Analyze and find documents that needs a revision to get more reads. Intelligent tools for planning document updates and revision to secure your documentation is updated to company standard.

Check out Readin’s feature list to see why Readin is the best choice for publishing your documentation on the web.

Digital transformation is the key to remaining attractive and competitive. Turn your documentation into a valuable asset.

Let’s go digital with Readin.

Publish Word and XML documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices

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