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Oct 28, 2021

Behind every organization is a wealth of documentation. From HSE instructions to operational procedures, reports to user guides, when done right, your documentation can be one of your organization’s most powerful assets.   

There are several ways of presenting your organization’s documentation to your users. You could present it in a proprietary way, like giving readers access to a Word document - but this isn’t really a presentable format. Another popular format is PDF. The thing is, presenting your documentation in PDF format brings about several issues regarding readability, searchability and security.

Readin is a publishing platform that transforms your unfriendly Word and PDF documents into professional HTML web documents, for readers to access on any device. It’s a documentation portal – or in other words, a dynamic document library - that organizes and presents your organization’s documentation in a professional way for the reader. 

We explore 6 reasons why content should be published in HTML instead of PDF. For starters, HTML is responsive, so you can read your documents on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.  Documentation in your pocket is a huge advantage for the reader. Readin also ensures that your readers view the latest version of a document. Gone are the days of version control problems. 

Strong user features

Readin has a range of helpful and effective features:

Notice of changes

It’s important to ensure your readers have the latest version of your document, or it could mean they miss out on critical information. Update your readers of any changes to your documents with Readin’s notification feature. Readers can even subscribe to updates on specific documents of their choice.


Readin allows for fast and accurate searching, in and across documents. Easily generate a ranked list of search results with a snippet of the content. Search words or phrases are highlighted in the document for ease of navigation.


Readin supports annotations – additional content that can be added to a document. Call them intelligent sticky notes.

Recent documents

Get quick access to recently read documents. The system keeps track of users’ latest reads across all devices.  Perfect for when you want to read a document on your work computer and pick up where you left off on your phone on your way home.


Bookmark your favorite documents and pages for easy and fast access.


It’s so easy to navigate through documents with Readin’s dynamic table of contents.

Readin documentation portal engages your readers with features that allow them to interact with your content, provide feedback, and collaborate with other readers. Readin puts the users first.

Publish Word and XML documents into professional web pages for easy access and effortless readability on all devices

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